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A journal where we will exactly talk about how

Photography isn't a profession....its a LIFESTYLE.!

A sneak-peak in my life and how

the stories I tell and my lifestyle

are so closely woven together!

 About Me

Hi I am Shikha Dalal. A qualified Boeing 737 pilot and a full-time lifestyle Photographer & Film-maker. An artist, a biker, a cat-lover, an avid traveller and a food enthusiast. My life mainly revolves around these few things...    

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Why I chose Photography as my career?

Life has a subtle way of dosing people. Inside out - Outside in.. It's putting people to sleep…everyday..every moment. Is it a dream that we are living or just a reality that is sucking the life out of us? I don’t know..But i Love the whole process of making memories!

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Let me help you get a better perspective!

When organising a wedding, the photography and videography are often very important. After the event a lot of your memories are tied in closely to the pictures of the event that you see. So, how you want to remember them becomes equally as important as remembering them. This is where the different styles of capturing a wedding come into play.

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Get in touch with my IG life and feel free to view my work at www.shikhadalal.com

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