Blog Post #01 - About Me

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"Seized by obsession

Delighted by creation

Entranced by vision

Fuelled by compassion

Filled with emotion

Consumed with beauty &

Blindsided by Inspiration.”

Hi I am Shikha Dalal.

A qualified Boeing 737 pilot and a full-time lifestyle Photographer & Film-maker. An artist, a biker, a cat-lover, an avid traveller and a food enthusiast. My life mainly revolves around these few things and my family.

Being a Gemini, there are always two sides…two faces to everything and for me it has and always will give an extra perspective to the usual boring life / people/ food / travels.

In these years that I’ve been involved with photography, I’ve learnt to appreciate all the small things that make up the world around so beautiful to live in. Through my lens, I’ve tried telling stories, emotions that make us more human.

They say “ A picture is worth a thousand words!” But what makes those stories worth telling is the perspective, the thoughtfulness behind that capture. And that nobody teaches you at Photography and film schools… that usually comes from your life experiences..and your own Lifestyle.

Welcome to my all new Blog where I will be sharing my not so usual perspectives to an everyday life along with my usual work, philosophies, amazing people in my life and much more. The things and people that make me , ME. the reasons I do things the way I do and a lot more.. So, Sit back..Relax and enjoy this fun journal with me.

This is your Captain..Have a great time!

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