Blog Post #02 - Why I chose Photography as my career?

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“ No price is too high

to pay for the privilege

of owning yourself! ”

Life has a subtle way of dosing people. Inside out - Outside in.. It's putting people to sleep…everyday..every moment. Is it a dream that we are living or just a reality that is sucking the life out of us? I don’t know..But i Love the whole process of making memories!

This is where i get out of the confines of life, be what I am and show the world what means the most to me. Its like cracking out of a cage of being expected to live like a docile animal and break-free. Living between the lines and reading al the emotions that make it all worthwhile. Well, I come from a business family and being an artist doesn’t come that easy.

Flying for quite some years…switching professions and surviving the whole struggle of standing up for your own self is something that has taught me a lot about life, about friends and made me realise how important part your own family plays in those days when you’re down and low!

Ive always lived by one thing and that is finding work that I wouldn’t get bored of and I am passionate about. I surely would have been flying..but the reason i called it quits was the creative soul that was suffering and being suffocated in the mean corporate world.

Of course, it's not easy leaving a secured field and trading blind in an uncertainty that startups bring. It took me a while to even convince the business tycoon Dad about the whole Photography as a profession and not a hobby.

The sole reason why I am a photographer today is because I love making memories. We all need memories so that we don’t forget where we came from.

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