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Dear Clients,

When organising a wedding, the photography and videography are often very important. After the event a lot of your memories are tied in closely to the pictures of the event that you see.

So, how you want to remember them becomes equally as important as remembering them. This is where the different styles of capturing a wedding come into play.

Wedding photography has two styles primarily: Photojournalistic a.k.a Candid and Traditional;

Traditional photography is the style of photography we’re all used, where carefully framed photographs are taken of subjects that pose for the photographer. These photographs are usually very well planned out and hence ideal for your coffee tables and framed photos. The problem is that this style when used alone often results in albums full of posed shots which don’t really impart the feeling of a wedding.

The other style is photojournalism often known as Candid photography , we’ve all heard the term candid used very frequently, candid photography is a newer trend in the Indian market and is getting a lot of takers. It involves the photographer using various techniques to try to capture subjects casually. This allows the photographer to make the pictures seem like a story displaying emotions and capturing rare moments that would otherwise be unnoticed or forgotten.

When it comes to Videography there are also two options: documentary or cinematic.

Documentary videography aims to capture the day in its reality, showing what happened (perhaps on multiple cameras) with some limited editing, involving some cutting and transitions. The camera angles are direct and pan as required.

Cinematic videography, similar to candid photography, aims to use the skills of the person behind the camera to present a story. It makes use of filters, creative camera angles, perhaps a musical background. It all attempts to present your wedding day with all the emotion that accompanied it.

Cinematic Video

Documentary Video

If you prefer the regular style of photography, then it’s traditional photography that you want, where you spend time making sure the bride looks her best in here every picture and where the photographers and videographers are restricted to work within particular areas of the wedding ceremony with their set-ups and framed backgrounds. There’s nothing wrong with that, some people just find candid photography a tad silly.

If you prefer to let the artists roam free then candid and cinematic is the way for you, with you not worrying about the videographers and photographers and not being obstructed by them and their equipment. If you like candid photographs such as those where the little girl is trying to steal the groom’s shoes then this style is for you.

But you’re not just restricted to choosing just one of these! A lot of people like to mix their options, having most of the wedding shot in a candid manner while posing for a select, few pictures which will make the covers, framed photographs etc. that you want.

Just remember to specify your choices as a client and soon you’ll have kickass memories in the form of some brilliant pictures concealed in an album!


Shikha Dalal

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